Boat breeze blocks by @grantlegan  (at 🚤)
07.29.14 /23:43/ 55
Spent the day on a boat sunbathing with @rocky_barnes
07.29.14 /21:38/ 75
Thanks @everlane for connecting me with some of my favorite instagrammers while educating us on the #knowyourfactories tour. Group shot directed by the incredible @pauloctavious
07.28.14 /19:22/ 24
🍜 #whpthegreatindoors  (at Blossom Los Angeles)
07.27.14 /22:09/ 65
Rainy day brunch at my favorite restaurant downtown  (at Baco Mercat)
07.27.14 /14:44/ 36
My favorite time of day to watch the light seep in at home #whpthegreatindoors
07.25.14 /20:12/ 113
There are a lot of garments made in the US, especially in LA. One thing that excites me is the amount of social entrepreneurship that goes on in the city. The increasing success of vertical integration and environmentally efficient production just goes to show how brands like @Everlane can thrive without the compromising human labor. #knowyourfactories
07.25.14 /17:47/ 21
Brunching by the beach with @grantlegan & @thejenini 🐬 (at Dilido Beach Club At The Ritz Carlton South Beach)
07.21.14 /11:42/ 62
Last day in Miami. A huge thank you to the @theritzcarlton for hosting our stay this swim week!  (at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach)
07.21.14 /08:17/ 29
Canvas  by  andbamnan