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04.16.14 /12:17/ 41
Shooting some of my recent purchases for Elle Japan. Who knew that a c-stand would make such a great Rag & Bone purse holder?
04.15.14 /19:45/ 95
In the time frame of a year I always forget about the sand storms and only think back about the sunsets. #coachella (at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival)
04.14.14 /22:55/ 145
#Coachella 2014 has officially come to an end. Thank you to Tumblr, Goldenvoice and Cynthia Vincent for making this year’s festival an exceptional one.💫 (at Coachella Main Stage)
04.14.14 /03:06/ 33
@Lanadelray’s stage presence 💃#coachella #cvchella  (at Coachella Outdoor Theatre)
04.13.14 /23:40/ 1050
Solange encouraging #grindchella and closes with a Beyoncé cameo.b#cvchella  (at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival)
04.13.14 /00:31/ 282
Made it to the festival just in time for golden hour. #cvchella (at Coachella Main Stage VIP)
04.12.14 /21:51/ 686
Braving the sand storm on our way to Thermal. #cvchella  (at Sand Storm)
04.12.14 /17:22/ 23
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